Pangpang Zhuang/Fatten Powder

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Guangxi Nanning Taoyuan Veterinary Drugs Factory

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Product Information

  • Dosage Form:Injection
  • Route of Administration:Oral
  • Shelf Life:18 months
  • Storage:Sealed


Main CharacteristicMale fern rhizome, fleece-flower root, malt, ChaoHuangDou, sugars, dew N active peptide, the essential amino acids, package is nanotechnology, synthetic vitamins, efficient protein enzymes, probiotics and bacillus subtilis, the growth factor etc

Product Feature:

1. Food digesting, appetizing; expelling parasite& fattening, promoting growing

This product killed intestinal parasites, promote appetite, regulate intestinal flora, conducive to digestion and absorption and achieve appetizers, insect repellent, fattening, promote the growth effect and so on。Use of this product, in 15 to 30 kg pig phase, weight increased by 11.66%, 30 to 60 kg ZhongZhu phase, weight increased by 27.3%, 60-90 kg big pig stage, weight increased by 48.01%

2. Improve feed conversion percent, reduce feed conversion ratio

This product increase intestinal mucosa absorption surface area, and improve feed conversion rate by adding intestinal crypt depth and increasing intestines length, at the same time, 

this product also can promote the decomposition of carbohydrates in feed, nonprotein nitrogen changed into high quality protein synthesis. Improve feed utilization up to 18.3%. 

In piglet stage, feed conversion rate reduce 5.3%, Middle pig stage reduce 7.6%, grown pig stage reduce 6.2% 



3. Improve dressingpercentagemeatfactor, improve body type

Feeding of this product, can improve the ketone body quality, improve the slaughter rate and lean meat, and the pig trunk strong plump, dilute the short coat, coat red, compact belly flat, wide apparent back groove back, waist and hip between meat groove is clearly visible on both sides, the hindquarters muscles bulge, buttock leg muscle developed     full body strong

4. Balance bacterial group of stomach intestinal tract.

This product through the inhibition of gastrointestinal bacterial pathogens and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and maintain the balance of intestinal flora, reducing livestock diarrhea incidence rate, and can reduce the poison of mildewed corn absorb, prevent the happening of the attached red cell body

5. Remove metabolize rubbish, improve blood circulation, keep skin and fur glowing

This product contain a variety of nutritional factors, through the digestive tract and the removal of the free radicals, improve the permeability of blood vessels and hematopoietic function, reduce liver, kidney, heart, lung and other organs in the body of free radicals and metabolic waste burden, strengthen the bone marrow hematopoietic function and red blood cells carry oxygen ability, improve blood circulation and microcirculation of the skin, visible animals' appetite than appearance, weight, skin ruddy luster

6. Used in safely no residual

This product does not contain any prohibited ingredients, can be continuous use,

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